Premium Products

Office Milk brings you the freshest, most delicious café quality milk direct from local Australian dairies – and delivers it fresh to your office at a great price.

As our milk comes direct from the dairy, it is also much fresher and has a longer fridge life than the milk you will find in most stores. Our milk is delicious, fresh and free of artificial additives and permeates.


Our milk of choice Procal is a 100% Australian owned and run dairy, which is the preferred milk for many cafés and baristas due to its superior taste and quality. Procal milk is sourced from the lush farmlands of Northern Victoria and Southern NSW and is packed within 24 hours using state of the art facilities according to their rigorous standards of quality.

They are the recipients of 5 Gold Awards in recent Dairy Industry Award competitions, and provide milk that is 100% free of any artificial additives and permeates.

Vitasoy – ONLY IN VIC

We also supply the Vitasoy range of soy milk products. One of Australia’s most trusted and well-known brands, vitasoy products are made in Australia using Australian-grown non-GM soy beans. Representing great taste, quality and value, we stock a range of Vitasoy products designed to suit your needs.


Bonsoy premium soy milk is very popular with our customers due to its superior taste and quality. Try it yourself and taste the difference in texture and flavour that makes Bonsoy so sought after.

The A2 Milk Company – ONLY IN VIC

Designed for those who experience digestive discomfort when drinking regular milk, The A2 Milk Company’s premium quality products utilise the A2 protein only to provide relief for those experiencing such symptoms.

MilkLab Almond

MILKLAB Almond is Australia’s #1 foodservice exclusive Almond milk for coffee, designed to texture and stretch with high performance. It offers a delicious taste and a rich, creamy mouthfeel to complement the flavour of espresso coffee.

MilkLab Lactose Free Milk

MILKLAB Lactose Free is a high-performance foodservice exclusive barista milk developed for espresso coffee in colLABoration with Australian dairy farmers.

We add lactase, a natural enzyme, to our 100% Australian dairy milk, which breaks down the lactose in dairy milk, resulting in lactose-free dairy milk with digestive benefits to lactose-intolerant individuals.

Califia Farms

Oat Barista Blend is a delicious oat milk that steams beautifully, perfectly pairs with coffee and tea and tastes great by itself. With a rich creaminess and subtle sweetness, it’s hard to believe there’s no added sugar or sweeteners. Plant-based and inspired by professional baristas, Oat Barista Blend froths, foams and steams like a dream so you can make deliciously dairy-free lattes in the office.