Sourced Locally

We source our premium quality fruit daily from reputable local growers who only provide us with the freshest, tastiest and best quality selection of fruit.

We have a strong commitment to support local growers and farmers, and buy only the best Australian produce fresh each day!

This means that you get the freshest fruit, all while supporting local Australian businesses and farms, and supporting local jobs and economy.

All of our fresh produce is purchased fresh daily directly from the local growers market located near our warehouse.

The fruit is carefully inspected in our facility to ensure it meets our high standards, and then each piece is individually packed into your box and delivered directly to your door.

Our purchasers have many years of experience in sourcing the very best fruit for our customers, and have established strong relationships with our regular suppliers here.

Simply put, you will just love our amazing apples, our perfect pears, and our beautiful bananas – guaranteed!

We source our fresh fruit from sustainable growers, who comply with Australian standards of food health and safety and have measures in place to minimise their environmental impact.

It’s all part of our strong commitment to ensure all facets of our business are conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, which serves to benefit the communities around us.

Have any questions, or need more convincing? Call us today on 1300 735 848!

Our seasonal guide can give you an idea about some of the delicious, nutritious seasonal fruits you can expect in your Office Fruit box