Our Story

Started in 2007 as a small family business based in Victoria, our company has since experienced dramatic growth. We now deliver to organisations of all sizes across both Melbourne and Sydney.

What began as a small business of two people and one van quickly grew due to Office Fruit’s founder David Hikri’s philosophy of getting to know his customers before providing them exceptional customer service and outstanding value before delivering the freshest and most delicious local produce available.

Prior to starting Office Fruit, owner and founder David Hikri worked as a retailer in the markets for numerous years. It was his hands on experience at the markets that sparked his passion and led him to develop the winning formula that created the widely known and respected Office Fruit Group.

He envisioned creating a healthy alternative for offices across Australia through combining his existing connections with local farmers and growers with the convenience of a regular delivery service direct to the workplace.

David’s wife Danielle Hikri was previously working as a practising lawyer. She couldn’t help but see the obvious potential and growth of the Office Fruit Group. Aligned with her husband’s philosophy, it didn’t take long before Danielle decided to join David in the business. She now works full time with Office Fruit and is as evangelical as David is in his pursuit of providing companies with the freshest Australian produce on offer. Oh and by the way, the law firm she once worked for is a regular customer and advocate of Office Fruit Group.

Since its humble origins, the company has grown and accrued a team of exceptional and dedicated staff whose expertise have helped drive the business to where it is today.

Due to its consistent growth, Office Fruit is now able to provide outstanding value and a wide variety of options to its customers. We have grown the business to include a variety of options for our customers such as deliveries of fruit, milk, bread, coffee, catering, cakes and more. All the while, we have never lost sight of continuing to provide the exceptional and personalised service to our customers that originally set Office Fruit Group apart from its competition.

We are continually striving to come up with new innovative ideas for the future, and seeking new avenues of providing additional value and convenience for our customers.