Our Milk

Here at Office Milk we have made getting milk in your office easier and more affordable than ever.

We provide our customers with top quality milk deliveries at a great price, along with a level of service that simply nobody else can provide. We only supply top quality, reputable brands such as Procal, A2, VitaSoy, Bonsoy and more…

Our premium quality milk comes directly from the dairy to ensure you get the freshest milk, while at the same time supporting local Australian Farmers. And, all of our milk comes free of any artificial additives or permeates commonly used in other milk products.

Milk Range

Procal Fresh Milk

Our milk of choice Procal is one of very few 100% Australian owned and run dairy, which is the preferred milk for many cafés and baristas due to its superior taste and quality.

Full Cream 1 or 2 litres
Reduced Fat 1 or 2 litres
No fat 2 litres

A2 Fresh Milk

A2 Milk is naturally rich in the A2 type of beta casein protein which is the original milk protein. A2 milk may provide protection from a range of intolerance responses to cows’ milk protein and assist digestive wellbeing. It is completely natural and free from additives and permeate which is why it taste so refreshing.

Full cream 2 litres
Reduced fat 2 litres

Milk Lab

MILKLAB Lactose Free Barista Milk contains Australian dairy milk and the Lactase enzyme without compromising performance. Packed fresh within 24 hours of milking with 2% fat for optimal stretching.

Lactose Free Milk 1 litre


Vitasoy Calci-Plus is a great way to help you take care of your body inside and out. Just one 250mL glass delivers half of your daily intake of calcium and vitamin D, as well as the goodness of phosphorus and magnesium - all essential nutrients for bone health.

Calci-plus soy 1 litre


Bonsoy use a secret time-honoured practice to ectract the best from the finest quality ingredients to produce a natural, full bodied soymilk with a subtle smooth "Trademark" flavour and is an excellent source of quality vegetable protein.

Soy milk 1 litre

Almond Breeze

Almond Breeze Barista Blend is Australia’s first almond milk developed in partnership with baristas, specifically for baristas. This industry-first delivers a rich creamy froth to sit atop lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites just the way baristas love it.

Almond Milk 1 litre

Sunzest Organic Juice

Sunzest is a family owned and operated brand that delivers pure, organic citrus juices from its juice processing plant where the juices are squeezed daily.

Orange juice 2 litre

2wirl yoghurt

Procal 2wirl, an indulgent smooth and creamy yoghurt infused with natural fruit flavours. Procal 2wirl, awarded GOLD at the 2015 Dairy Industry Awards. Gelatine Free, Gluten Free, containing Acidophilus, Bifidius and Casei. Free from Artificial Colours and Flavours.

Passionfruit & Raspberry 140g tub
Wildberry & Mango 140g tub
Only sold in cartons of 12