Our Coffee Blends

Our Coffee Beans

Our premium coffee beans are freshly roasted in Australia and sourced from the best coffee regions such as Brazil, Jamaica, Ethiopia and more.

Our roasting house is armed with 50 years’ experience in blending and has perfected blends which create superb flavours to suit your office needs and palates. These reputable blends are proudly supplied to thousands of cafes and offices throughout Australia.

Our Favourites


100% Arabica beans producing a balanced, mild and smooth coffee for those that prefer a soft finish and mellow style without bitterness.

Size: 1KG


A careful blend of Arabica and Robusta beans giving a perfect medium to strong flavour. A sweet with mild bitterness but not too strong, perfect for those that prefer with milk or espresso.

Size: 1KG


A dark roast, full bodied and our strongest blend designed to cut through milk, recommended for milk based coffees.

Size: 1KG


Columbia single origin – carefully selected beans from Columbia, the region reputable for producing exquisite flavoured beans. A creamy and sweet flavour with tastes and nuances of cocoa, orange and syrup.

Size: 1KG